Who and What we are

The American Sportsman Store carry’s what we know that works to catch that big fish or gets that monster deer into you to get the shot.
When its in season we carry a full line of live bait. From 3 sizes gold fish, 3 sizes minnows, bullheads worms, perch, etc. also full line of frozen bait.
During hunting season we carry what you need out in the field.
We listen to all our customers that comes in and tells us what’s working and that’s what we stock our shelves with. We our pretty much straight forward and tell it like it is, if you don’t like it that way don’t ask.
Here at the Sportsman we wear many hats, we can sell boats, boat motors, UTV’s, ATV’s and our dealers for The Back Yard Portable Buildings and Cabins.
We have a complete shop to work on your small motors, boats, boat motors, UTV’s, ATV’s, lawnmowers, and chainsaws. Our work in the shop is guaranteed and anything you buy from us has a warranty of 30 days on it to be like we say it is.
So all that said hope to see you real soon. Be sure to take those kids hunting and fishing instead of hunting your kids. As old Tom Knapp always said keep your powder dry.
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